Electric Head

Electric Head is a band I played with during the Summer of 2019. The band members are: Xavier Lacasse on lead guitar, Brian De Wilde on rhythm guitar, Ethan Labouisse on Bass, Jacob Kolb singing, and I played drums. Xavier went to my high school, but he was a grade above me so we didn’t quite know each other so well. I’m not sure where he found out I played drums, but he reached out to me in April 2019 at the end of the school year. He sent me some demos and I decided to join the band for the summer until he went off to college. His music was right in my wheelhouse, genre-wise, so I had a lot of fun working on this project. After a TON of rehearsal time, we went into the studio at SAE Expression college in Emeryville where we recorded our album. Charlie Dowden was our recording engineer, and he did a great job, especially for only being a student with limited experience. I mixed all of the songs on my laptop using Logic Pro X, except for Everything is Dry, which Xavier mixed.

Listen to the album on bandcamp!


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