Various Artists is my primary band. The members are: Charlie Dowden on Guitar, Ethan Labouisse on Bass, and I play drums.

I met Charlie at School of Rock. We were both being taught and mentored by Aldo Noboa until around 3 years ago. Once Charlie and I met, we quickly became friends, and I played with him and Kevin Kelleher, another guitarist.

It just made sense, seeing as we both had an undying love for prog rock and playing music together. Eventually Kevin became increasingly unavailable, and we stopped playing for a brief period. That’s when we met Ethan, who joined School of Rock shortly before Aldo moved away to Philadelphia.

Once we started jamming, we went for several hours at a time, and we wrote several songs together. We played just about every weekend for almost 4 years, and we recorded our best songs at SAE Expression College in Emeryville, where Charlie goes to college.

Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of trouble finding singers, so none of our recordings have vocals on them… YET! Some of the hardest songs that I’ve ever had to play were with this band. I am super comfortable with composing complex and thoughtful drum parts to convoluted time and rhythm schemes because Charlie and I are constantly writing songs that are too hard for either of us to play.

Not Sure Yet
Faceless Fear
Overlayed Timesigs
Never Count the Cost

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