No Quarters


  1. Microwave Song
  2. Defective Seeds
  3. Lush
  4. Intermission (Lunch Break)
  5. Onward?
  6. Is That It?


  • Just Jared – Drums
  • Just Jared – Guitar
  • Just Jared – Bass
  • Just Jared – Vocals
  • Just Jared – Synths
  • Just Jared – Production
  • Charlie Dowden – Co-production (Track 2)
  • Ethan Lipka – Cover art

No Quarters Trivia

  • Just Jared outsourced for “No Quarters,” a Just Jared first! Ethan Lipka (Just Jared’s brother) supplied the album cover art, and Charlie Dowden co-produced “Defective Seeds,” a song with two separate drum tracks. At the same time. Many thanks to both of them!
  • Just Jared still sucks at guitar, and almost gave up entirely on “Lush.”
  • Just Jared’s current favorite microphone in his collection is the Sennheiser e935. Just Jared is still unsponsored, and will gladly accept free stuff.
  • “No Quarters” features an Ambassador X snare head on the main snare, unlike any other Just Jared record.
  • By popular demand (one request), “No Quarters” features the return of Lunchtime!
  • “No Quarters” is Just Jared’s longest album to date, clocking in at 44 minutes.
  • Contact Just Jared to buy a CD if that’s your jam. Four quarters + shipping only for this one.
  • Just Jared out.