Various Artists is my primary band. The members are: Charlie Dowden on Guitar, Ethan Labouisse on Bass, and I play drums. I met Charlie at School of Rock. We were both being taught and mentored by Aldo Noboa until around 3 years ago. Once Charlie and I met, we quickly became friends, and I played…

One Try

Just Jared’s 3rd studio album.

Unsafe at Home

Just Jared’s 2nd studio album.

Static Radio Comedown

Static Radio Comedown is a band I worked with during the summer of 2018. The members are: Ben Engel on lead guitar, Sam Wolf on rhythm guitar, Bennet Pereira on bass, Ryan Biland singing, and I played drums. They were looking for a drummer and a mutual friend recommended me. Sam reached out and I…

Just Jared

Just Jared’s 1st self-titled album. Written, recorded, and produced by Jared.

Electric Head

Electric Head is a band I played with during the Summer of 2019. The band members are: Xavier Lacasse on lead guitar, Brian De Wilde on rhythm guitar, Ethan Labouisse on Bass, Jacob Kolb singing, and I played drums. Xavier went to my high school, but he was a grade above me so we didn’t…

Walk in the Dark

A soundtrack to a video of one of my friends taking a solitary walk at night.

Lunchtime Sucks Without Lunch

Just Jared’s debut single. A journey of a thousand albums begins with a single single.

My Close Friend is Afraid of Cheese

Another song on the album “Just Jared.”

Different Now

Special thanks to Charlie Dowden for helping to record drums on this song. This song is from the album “Just Jared.”