College Portfolio

Here are the projects that I feel best convey who I am as a musician. I’ve tried to compress this list as much as possible, and I’m leaving some things out that I am proud of, but you can find those on the rest of this website.



Hear the air
On my skin
The bottle's out
Now it's my turn
I know what it's like to meet the end
I can feel the heart of a dear friend
Why didn't you keep going?
Flashing lights
All for me
I wish I had

I wrote and recorded all of the instruments and vocals on this song. This was the last song I wrote before school started for the 2019-2020 school year. I was happy with the parts that I wrote so I decided to record it in my home studio with a little help on gain staging drums from Charlie Dowden, the guitarist in my primary band, Various Artists.

Never Count The Cost

  • 13:40

Charlie initially wrote this for his first band, Time Heist, but they refused to play it in its entirety, so he brought it to Various Artists. I worked with him on composing drum parts for every part of the song, which took several hours. I am especially proud of my pseudo-drum solo at 13:40. Charlie left the MIDI drums in the demo he made empty in this part because he wanted the drums to go as wild as possible, so I did my best to emulate that.

Not Sure Yet

  • 12:00

I wrote the first 7 minutes of this song, and initially ended it there, but I’m so glad I didn’t because the outro, starting at around 12:00 is probably the best part I’ve ever written. The two primary riffs in the outro are based on the looped riff throughout the solo section. I also used a 6:7 polyrhythm to transition into the final part with me playing a basic 4/4 beat on the china cymbal and snare, but I played the 7/8 rhythm with the guitar and bass on my bass drum. I recorded this with Charlie Dowden and Ethan Labouisse (Various Artists) in the church that I work at on Sundays. We had a lot of fun, and I hope we can do it again some time in the future.