In My Room

Lots of stuff happening here. Yet another song off of “Just Jared.”

Covers With Various Artists

I got together with Charlie Dowden and Ethan Labouisse (Various Artists) right after Ethan came home from 3 months in Argentina. We decided to hold an impromptu recording session in my home studio and throw together some recordings of some of our favorite covers to play. This was quite exciting.

The Pot Live

Live Performance of the Pot at Summer Block Party in 2018 with Various Artists and my mom singing. I am Playing Drums.

Windows – Static Radio Comedown

I played drums with this band for a Summer and played on a record with them at a studio in San Carlos. This show was at the American Legion in San Carlos.

The Ocean

Performed at Soundwall 2018. I’m playing bass.

Jambi Cover

Cover of Jambi by Tool at Soundwall performance in 2018. I’m playing drums.