Static Radio Comedown

Static Radio Comedown is a band I worked with during the summer of 2018. The members are: Ben Engel on lead guitar, Sam Wolf on rhythm guitar, Bennet Pereira on bass, Ryan Biland singing, and I played drums. They were looking for a drummer and a mutual friend recommended me. Sam reached out and I accepted joined their band for the Summer before they went back to college. We played 3 shows, one at the Honey Hive Gallery in San Fransisco, one at the American Legion in San Carlos, and one at the DNA Lounge. Between the shows, we booked 20 hours in a recording studio in San Carlos, and recorded the 8 songs they’d written. Unfortunately we weren’t able to record vocals then. They have yet to send me any mixes, so I learned to mix using these tracks on Logic Pro X. I will update this page as soon as I get a finished product.

Broken Windows
Broken Windows Solo Drums
Castles Solo Drums
Deadleg Solo Drums
Godzilla Solo Drums
The Visitor
The Visitor Solo Drums
Two Tongue
Two Tongue Solo Drums


The album is live!

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