Just Jared


  1. Different Now
  2. Paralysis
  3. A Walk in the Park
  4. R.I.P.
  5. Lunchtime Sucks Without Lunch
  6. Lost
  7. Brian’s Second Favorite Garbage Truck
  8. More Synth!
  9. My Close Friend is Afraid of Cheese
  10. Now That’s Just Silly
  11. T.


  • Just Jared – Drums
  • Just Jared – Guitars
  • Just Jared – Bass
  • Just Jared – Vocals
  • Just Jared – Synthesizers
  • Just Jared – Production

Just Jared Trivia

  • Just Jared received assistance with gain staging drums from his good friend Charlie Dowden.
  • Just Jared’s family doesn’t approve of all of the songs, but which ones in particular is up for debate.
  • “T.” is based off of a personal experience of Just Jared’s.
  • rah rah rah
  • As of releasing his debut album, Just Jared was also undergoing, or had finished work with 3 other bands as a drummer.
  • Just Jared supports gay marriage.
  • “Brian’s Second Favorite Garbage Truck” is part of a concept with other pieces in songs that Just Jared has played with other groups.
  • Just Jared is on every streaming service that Just Jared can think of, except for Soundcloud (a platform for bad rappers) and Bandcamp (a platform for people who don’t know how to produce music). Contact Just Jared to buy a CD if that’s your jam. $10 + shipping only.
  • Just Jared out.
Just Jared’s Debut Album has arrived!

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