Unsafe at Home

Just Jared’s 2nd studio album.

Just Jared’s second album is here!


  1. DADFaCE
  2. Stupid Seventeen
  3. Sugar
  4. I’m Still Here
  5. At Your Own Risk
  6. Suffocate
  7. Pastor Donald
  8. Lunch is a Necessary Component of Lunchtime
  9. The Dove Must Fly, Even if It’s Alone
  10. Black Lives Matter
  11. January, 2020
  12. Prophet


  • Just Jared – Drums
  • Just Jared – Shaker
  • Just Jared – Guitars
  • Just Jared – Bass
  • Just Jared – Vocals
  • Just Jared – Synthesizers
  • Just Jared – Melodica
  • Just Jared – Production

Unsafe at Home Trivia

  • Just Jared has at least seven fingers, and he used all of them during the recording of Unsafe at Home.
  • Just Jared is unsponsored, and is growing impatient.
  • Just Jared’s real name might not actually be Jared.
  • Just Jared sucks at guitar, but is good at drums, which is why there are no guitar solos in Unsafe at Home.
  • The guitar solo in “Prophet” features mostly random notes. See above for details.
  • “The Dove Must Fly Even if It’s Alone” took Just Jared more than 10 tries to get right.
  • Contact Just Jared to buy a CD if that’s your jam. $10 + shipping only.
  • Just Jared out.


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