Unsafe at Home


  1. DADFaCE
  2. Stupid Seventeen
  3. Sugar
  4. I’m Still Here
  5. At Your Own Risk
  6. Suffocate
  7. Pastor Donald
  8. Lunch is a Necessary Component of Lunchtime
  9. The Dove Must Fly, Even if It’s Alone
  10. Black Lives Matter
  11. January, 2020
  12. Prophet


  • Just Jared – Drums
  • Just Jared – Shaker
  • Just Jared – Guitars
  • Just Jared – Bass
  • Just Jared – Vocals
  • Just Jared – Synthesizers
  • Just Jared – Melodica
  • Just Jared – Production

Unsafe at Home Trivia

  • Just Jared has at least seven fingers, and he used all of them during the recording of Unsafe at Home.
  • Just Jared is unsponsored, and is growing impatient.
  • Just Jared’s real name might not actually be Jared.
  • Just Jared sucks at guitar, but is good at drums, which is why there are no guitar solos in Unsafe at Home.
  • The guitar solo in “Prophet” features mostly random notes. See above for details.
  • “The Dove Must Fly Even if It’s Alone” took Just Jared more than 10 tries to get right.
  • Contact Just Jared to buy a CD if that’s your jam. $10 + shipping only.
  • Just Jared out.
Just Jared’s second album is here!