In Japan


  • Xander Hughes – Composition, Vocals, Claps, Album Art
  • Ethan Lipka – Vocals, Floor Tom
  • Jared Lipka – Production, Album Art

In Japan Trivia

  • In Japan was not written in Japan.
  • Ethan randomly declared “we need a beat,” grabbed one of Jared’s sticks, and started hitting the floor tom and told Xander to Clap.
  • In Japan was written because Xander’s parents were in Japan, and he couldn’t call them until his clock read 7 PM, hence the enigmatic lyric: “my parents are in Japan, can’t call them ’till 7 PM.”
  • This entire project was recorded with a single mic. It was Jared’s favorite mic in his collection: a Sennheiser e935.

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