One Try


  1. Pants
  2. Life or Death
  3. Any Day Now
  4. Life or Death
  5. Lobster People
  6. One Try


  • Just Jared – Drums
  • Just Jared – Guitars
  • Just Jared – Bass
  • Just Jared – Vocals
  • Just Jared – Production

One Try Trivia

  • “One Try” is Just Jared’s shortest album, clocking in at 39 minutes.
  • Just Jared wrote, recorded, and produced “One Try” in just over 2 months
  • Just Jared is lonely during quarantine.
  • Just Jared used a new drum kit for the recording of “One Try.”
  • Just Jared recorded the drums for “Any Day Now” in three separate takes, more than any other Just Jared song.
  • “Lobster People” isn’t actually about Lobsters.
  • Just Jared never quantizes or samples his drums.
  • Contact Just Jared to buy a CD if that’s your jam. $10 + shipping only.
  • Just Jared out.

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