1. Petrichor
  2. Alone Again
  3. Nighttime
  4. Colorblind Blues


  • Jared Lipka – Drums
  • Jared Lipka – Bass
  • Jared Lipka – Guitar
  • Jared Lipka – Vocals
  • Jared Lipka – Production
  • Jared Lipka – Composition
  • Charlie Dowden – Guitar solos (Tracks 2 and 3)
  • Lily Boles – Album art

Time Trivia

  • Jared wrote and recorded all of the music for Time in the one week he was back home for Thanksgiving Break.
  • Charlie Dowden recorded the ripping guitar solos for “Alone Again” (track 2) and “Nighttime” (track 3). For this Jared is very grateful.
  • Jared used a combination of a Sennheiser e935 and a Shure beta 52a on the bass cab for all of the bass in Time.
  • Time is Jared’s first ever EP.
  • Lily Boles provided the wonderful album art for Time. For this Jared is very grateful.
  • “Colorblind Blues” (track 4) was originally intended to be an addition to the “Lunchtime” series, but Jared thought a synth part wouldn’t really fit, and the over the top drum solos didn’t really fit the theme.
  • Jared used Charlie’s guitar, guitar amp, and bass amp for all of the tracking on Time.
  • Jared used a Sennheiser e935 for all of the vocals on Time.
  • Contact Jared for a CD. $5 + shipping. I’ll sign it if you want I guess.
Art by Lily Boles

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